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                            22nd. Annual Delta County

                           Chiggerfest & 5K Run/Walk 

                                  October 17, 2015               

                     ON COOPER HISTORIC SQUARE





Applicant Name:  ___________________________ 


Contact Name:  ______________________________


Address: _________________________________________________________


Phone: ___________________ Cell:  _____________________   Fax:   _______________________




Sales & Use Tax Permit ID#_________________________


Booth Space 15’ x 15   (Craft Vendors only)    **** (Food Vendors call  903-395-4314 for form)




Electricity 110V   _______ x $5.00   each                                                      $____________

Electricity 220V   _______ x $5.00   each                                                     $____________                               

Water                   _______ x $5.00   per outlet                                              $___________

Late Fee (After Oct. 1, 2015) $10.00                                                              $____________    

                                                                                                         TOTAL ENCLOSED           $____________


Description of items or services: (Also attach photo of your display booth and items)




SIGNATURE:_________________________________________ DATE:__________________

 **Please sign & complete** Retain a copy of entire application for your records,

Please make your check payable to:

                  Delta County Chamber of Commerce                                 

                  P.O. Box 457

                 Cooper, TX 75432

 More information contact Gracie Young: 903-395-4314 or





Booth Size: 15ft. by 15ft. space

EVENT SITE:  Cooper Historic Downtown Square 

VENDOR HOURS: Saturday, October 17, 2015 8am to 5pm. 

APPLICATION:  Applications must be completed and returned no later than October 1, 2015.   

Any application past that date must include a late fee of $10.00.  Please include two photos of your

display booth and items with your applications.  We will make every effort to accommodate booth

location requests, but no guarantees.  NO booth space will be assigned without full payment, and will

be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  No garage sales items allowed.  No sale of guns or weapons

in the children’s area.  Delta County Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse admission to any

vendor or refuse to rent/renew rental of lot(s) at it sole discretion, and reserves the right to amend or

change the policies and procedures without prior written notice.  RAIN OR SHINE – NO REFUNDS!


SET UP/BREAK DOWN:  Set up Saturday 6am-8am.  Break down 5pm-6pm. Vendors must check in

at the SW corner of the square.  No vehicles allowed between 8am-5pm ensuring pedestrian safety. 

No pegs or stakes allowed.  No generators permitted.  No set up or break down during fair hours.

Electrical circuits may be purchased at time of application only.


PERMITS/LICENSES:  All vendor are responsible for obtaining the Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit,

proper food and beverage licenses, and complying with state and local health regulations, Make certain

that copies of permits/licenses required as part of your operation are attached thereto, including, but no

limited to health permits, electrical permits, business licenses, Sales and Use Tax Permit etc for more

information on the Sales and Use Permit, contact


SECURITY:  Chigger Festival, nor Delta County Chamber of Commerce, are responsible for the security

or protection of the property and merchandise of exhibitors and concessionaires. 


MAINTENANCE: Vendors are responsible for keeping their concession/booth area clear of debris and trash at all times. 

Trash containers are required in your booth. Volunteers will be available to help with trash needs throughout the day. 

Concessionaires cooking with grease are responsible for proper disposal of grease. 


ELECTRICAL AND FIRE CODES:  High pressure cylinders, including LP gas cylinders should be securely fastened to prevent tipping. 

At least one 40-B: C rated fire extinguisher shall be required at locations where flammable or combustible liquids are used, stored or dispensed. 

All cords crossing walkways must be duct taped to the pavement. Vendors must supply their own extension cords. 


Indemnity Clause

In consideration of permission to operate a booth at the Delta County Chigger Festival, the vendor signing below agrees to forever

indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Delta County Chamber of Commerce, the City of Cooper, Texas and the County of Delta,

and their elected officials, employees, board members and volunteers from and against any and all claims, suits, or action of any kind

brought by third parties as a result of any injuries sustained as a result of vendor’s activities at the Delta County Chigger Festival.


For Chamber use only


Date Received _____________Amt. Received __________Check ________Cash__________    




















                             2015 Chiggerfest 5K Run/Walk   

                                           October 17th


                                     To enter please copy and mail both pages with your fee to:

                         Delta County Chamber of Commerce, P. O. Box 457, Cooper, Texas 75432





                                                                                    CHIGGERFEST 5K RUN/WALK

                                                                                                       ENTRY FORM

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